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Estty beauty world

we sell hair products, lashes, hair extensions etc

Gwarimpa**, FCT ABUJA (234) 08132427138 (234) 08132427138 N\A

Trinigold Cosmetics

Trinigold home of high quality cosmetics at affordable price

Wuse II **, FCT ABUJA (234) 08080803295 (234) 08080803295 N\A

Posh Body Essence & More

We sell Comestics; Perfumes; Daviva; Hand Bags;, Home

Wuse II **, FCT ABUJA (234) 08146666433 (234) 08146666433 N\A

Destiny Perfumes and Cosmetics

We sell nice and quality cosmetics and perfumes

Garki, FCT ABUJA (234) 08035147595 (234) 08035147595 N\A

Planet Multimedia Studios

Planet Multimedia Studios has taken photography and videography to the next level. We design and print high-definition graphic quality, and also cover events

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08130558847 (234) 08130558847 N\A

Headmaster's place, Barber shop " n" Spa

We give you a stylish and unique hair cut,an exotic spa treatment for your general well being and comfort

Wuse II **, FCT ABUJA (234) 07062842210 (234) 07062842210 N\A

Studio G30

Studio G30 produces excellent graphics, creates HD photography and videography as well as quality printing in all sizes shapes

Wuse**, FCT ABUJA (234) 08058145845 (234) 08068145845 N\A

Patistan Photos & Video

Our studios boast the best quality products in photography and videography

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08038870343 (234) 08038870343 N\A

YoungBoss Photos & Videos

We create high-definition quality graphics and amazing images

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08064260536 (234) 08064260536 N\A

Sammycal Photography

We are involved in photography, video production and event coverage

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08104247467 (234) 08104247467 N\A

Chesb's Beauty Hub

Stylish Hair making, sells of Hair attachment and weapons, training school, Home service etc

Garki, FCT ABUJA (234) 08036824187 (234) 08036824287 N\A

Bella Africana Salon &Spa

Our salon designs wigs and weave-ons of different styles and colors. We make all classy hairstyles using Brazilian or Peruvian hairs at amazing prices. Other special services include a spa, and makeup studio

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 09057469335 (234) 09039141551 N\A

Trendyz-D Beauty Salon & Spa

We specialize in making glamorous hairstyles, wigs and weave-ons, makeup, eyelashes, manicure and pedicure. Our spa has the best professionals in town!

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08107713150 (234) 08055466721 N\A

Divine J Media concept and Digital studio

Our ultramodern studio promises the best in photography and videography. We design and print HD quality images as well

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08039667706 (234) 08039667706 N\A

Glam by Bellynda

Glam by bellynda offers makeup for all kinds of functions example weddings,birthdays etc and all sorts of makeups;editorial makeup,simple makeup looks and the likes. We also offer training services.

Lokogoma, FCT ABUJA (234) 08168730958 (234) 08168730958 N\A

Paulina's Beauty Haven

We make glamorous hairstyles, fix eyelashes, and do makeup, all at attractive rates and reliable expertise

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08134253713 (234) 08134253713 N\A

Beautyby- Lami

We do facial makeup, Gele tying, Brow Carving etc

Gudu, FCT ABUJA (234) 08126327192 (234) 08126327192

Kollinx Nails Studio

Nail Fixing, Swedish pedicure, Bangladesh pedicure, leg massage, Nail treatment, bridal nails, universal nail etc

Gudu, FCT ABUJA (234) 07066611974 (234) 09028228092

Royal Clips & Curls

Royal clips and curls have reliable expertise in the hairdressing business. We also do makeup, wigs and weave-ons, fixing of eyelashes and nails, manicure and pedicure as well as other beauty Services

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08027784176 (234) 08027784176 N\A

Glowing Diamond Beauty Home

Barbing, Female hairs, Manicure, Pedicure, Facials, Hair dye, Dread,, carving,, Hairdressing etc

Gudu, FCT ABUJA (234) 09026495697 (234) 08033524918

Manna Concepts International LTD

Manna Concepts International are experts in spa and other beauty Services, laundry/dry-cleaning as well as Haircuts

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08163725097 (234) 08163725097 N\A

Mimi Facials & Beauty Salon

We are experts in facial treatments of all kinds. We also do makeup, fixing of eyelashes, man/pedicure

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08028851549 (234) 08028851549 N\A

Smiles Barbershop

At Smiles Barbershop, our experts render the best quality service in terms of Haircuts

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 07065893708 (234) 08108127934 N\A

Hair Doctor Official Barbershop

This is your official haircuts rendezvous! All Styles are guaranteed for your satisfaction

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08163301834 (234) 08163301834 N\A

Unique Barbershop

We deliver quality service in terms of trendy haircut and design.

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08033405554 (234) 08033405554 N\A

Tony Hood Barbers

Tony Hood Barbers deliver the nicest Services in haircuts, with remarkable expertise

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08100785512 (234) 08100785512 N\A

Akala Barbershop Intl.

Akala Barbershop Intl has the most experienced barbers and hairstylists in town, with reliable expertise. We'll give you the exact looks you dream of

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 07038121821 (234) 07038121821 N\A

AIBU Salon

We make different hair styles, children hair, pedicure, manicure, natural hair treatment etc

Gudu, FCT ABUJA (234) 08068904275 (234) 08068904275

Natasha Skincare products

We sell unique cosmetics products such as creams and oils, perfumes and colognes as well as toiletries

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 07040326026 (234) 07040326026 N\A

1st Angelic World

Our services include hairdressing, makeup, wigs and weave-ons, nail technology, and fashion designing

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08132375172 (234) 08132375172 N\A

VIP Barbershop

We deliver perfect touches in haircuts.

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08121714795 (234) 08162073312 N\A

Glowing Diamond beauty Home

Barbing, female Hair dressing, manicure, pedicure, facials, hair dye, dread, carving etc

Gudu, FCT ABUJA (234) 08176870511 (234) 08076870511

Remmy Nails Boutique

Fixing of nails, pedicure and manicure

Utako, FCT ABUJA (234) 08089657147 (234) 08089657147

Optimistic Cosmetics & Skincare Collectibles

We offer unique cosmetics and skincare products of famous brands

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08117888320 (234) 08117888320 N\A

Mrs B Hair & Beauty Salon

We offer such services as hairdressing, makeup, eyelashes as well as Mani/pedicure

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08059008941 (234) 08059008941 N\A

Avila Naturalle

Our natural skincare products are produced to guarantee a suitably lasting solution to all skin types

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08062887217 (234) 08062887217 N\A

Tiza World Unisex Hairdressing salon

Our unisex salon gives these perfect services: haircuts, hairdressing, wigs and weave-ons and many more

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08063891695 (234) 08063891695 N\A

Eva's Luxury Hair Salon

Unisex beauty salon, we fix hair for ladies, barbing of hair, manicure and pedicure etc

Utako, FCT ABUJA (234) 08143943222 (234) 08143943222


We do makeup for events and birthday, sells of quality, natural human hairs, attachments and wigs

Port-Harcourt, RIVERS STATE (234) 07067467677 (234) 07067467677 N\A

Series Beauty World & Hair Clinic

Our unique beauty Services include hairdressing, makeup, Mani/pedicure and wigs

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08161556891 (234) 08161556891 N\A

Jules Barbie Makeup & Cosmetic Studio

We are experts in makeup and Gele training, eyelashes fixing and eyebrows grooming, contact lenses, sales of cosmetics and makeup products: Mary Kay, Milani, etc

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08095753338 (234) 08095753338 N\A

Rophia Beauty Palour & Spa

Our special beauty Services include hairdressing, makeup, eyelashes fixing and eyebrows grooming, nails technology, Mani/pedicure and many more

Lugbe, FCT ABUJA (234) 08167553852 (234) 08167553853 N\A

Rossie's Hub Goods and Services

We sell original Chebe products for hair treatment and general maintenance.

Ojota, LAGOS (234) 08064619944 (234) 08064619944

Emoslink Beauty Parlour

We specialize in hairdressing, wigs and weave-ons, fixing of eyelashes and grooming of eyebrows, nail technology, and other beauty Services

Wuse II **, FCT ABUJA (234) 08037265393 (234) 08037265393 N\A

Klinkut Unisex Salon

Our Unisex salon specializes in Haircuts/hairdressing, makeup, wigs and weave-ons, nail technology, and many more

Wuse II **, FCT ABUJA (234) 08039207370 (234) 08039207370 N\A


We specialize in hairdressing, makeup, wigs and weave-ons, fixing of eyelashes and grooming of eyebrows, nails technology, contact lenses and many more

Wuse II **, FCT ABUJA (234) 07088720722 (234) 07088720722 N\A

Diamond Barbers

Our Barbershop is unique, and delivers excellent Haircuts

Garki, FCT ABUJA (234) 08074052000 (234) 08074052000 N\A

Palato Beautiful Home

Specialise on fixing of nails, lashes, making of hair, home services, bridals etc

Nyanya, FCT ABUJA (234) 07036103600 (234) 07036103600

Ovia's Beauty Salon

We specialize in hairdressing, makeup, wigs and weave-ons, nail technology, eyelashes fixing and grooming of eyebrows

Garki, FCT ABUJA (234) 08187066135 (234) 08187066135 N\A

Blossom Beauty Salon

We specialize in hairdressing makeup eyelashes fixing and grooming of eyebrows, wigs and weave-ons etc

Garki, FCT ABUJA (234) 08169971837 (234) 08169971837 N\A